When ‘Fully Dating’ Actually Means Celibate

November 16, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Asked for an update on his relationship with Elisa Jordana, Benjy smiled: “We’re fully dating.”

Robin pressed for more (“You’ve had sex?”), and Benjy quickly demurred: “I guess we’re not full dating.”

Howard thought Benjy was full of shit: “He is having sex, but he wants to be a gentleman.”

Benjy said he was just being honest: “I don’t want to be a gentleman.”

Howard asked if Benjy was bothered by the changes (constantly wearing a hat, growing a beard) he’d made at Elisa’s request: “Is it in the back of your mind?”

Benjy said those factors–and the lack of sex–made him wonder: “Like, is she really attracted me?”