K.C. Armstrong Is Searching for God’s Mercy

November 30, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Late in the show, Howard was surprised to learn that K.C. Armstrong had shown up downstairs. Howard allowed K.C. to visit the studio but openly doubted if K.C. was well enough to handle much airtime. K.C. insisted that he just came by to visit with his old co-workers: “I’m looking for God’s mercy. I’m here. I’m here seeing some friends. [But now] I’m afraid of Fred. The guy’s got guns!”

Cockstrong No More

K.C. also re-evaluated Benjy’s “cockstrong” appearance: “I take it back. He’s skinny now. He’s not cockstrong anymore. He’s like Richard now. Does Richard have AIDS?”

K.C. went on to repeatedly dodge questions about his sobriety–instead confessing to a love for Katy Perry’s music: “Did you know I love Katy Perry? … I love Slayer, I love Machinehead and I love Lamb of God. And then Katy Perry.”

Fred then played “Last Friday Night,” K.C.’s favorite Katy Perry song, as K.C. danced along: “Get it, Katy!”

K.C. couldn’t explain why the blackout-themed song spoke to him: “I just love the song. It makes me cry for some reason.”

Howard thought it appealed to K.C.’s struggle with alcoholism–a theory K.C. seconded: “I always was [an alcoholic]…that’s why I got fired. Can I have that bottle of Jack Daniels over there?”