Roll Call Champion Jensen Karp

December 1, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jensen Karp called in to discuss The Baka Boys’ “Roll Call” freestyle competition, an urban radio trope introduced to Howard by Lisa G.

Jensen explained that he’d been the contest’s standing champion for a record 45 straight days–and garnered plenty of industry interest: “I got a million-dollar record deal with Interscope.”

He first learned his success as a caller might translate when infamous gangsta rapper Mack 10 showed up at his parents’ house with $50K in a gym bag: “Seeing that cash was a very weird thing for me.”

Sorry, We Already Got a Hot Karl

Jensen said his deal paid him (or really: Hot Karl, “my stupid rap name”) well, but paid others even better: “I ended up getting like a three hundred [thousand] advance and then the rest of it goes to like, you know, I had Mya on my record and the Black Eyed Peas and Kanye West and all these people that took most of that money.”

Interscope eventually shelved the album, as–according to Jensen–his pop-reference-filled white-guy rhymes were too similar to that of labelmate Eminem: “They already had that cash cow.”

Howard and Lisa then led a morning roll call, with Jensen plugging in 2-bar punchlines: “LA born and bred, the rebirth of a rapper, what you do is awful like Ronnie Mund the actor.”