Benjy & Elisa’s Pop Duet

December 5, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard played a clip of a song Benjy recorded with his girlfriend, Elisa Jordana, and noted Benjy was obviously auto-tuned. But Benjy replied with shtick: “How do you know I was auto-tuned?”

Fred-as-Benjy was more honest: “I’m a real Justin Blubber.”

Howard asked when the pair’s album would “drop”, so Robin cut in: “I think you should drop it now.”

They Still Haven’t Had Sex

Benjy claimed he and Elisa had made big strides in the two weeks they’d been dating: “She’s in love with me now.”

Robin asked if one of those strides was sex, but Benjy denied it: “No, we haven’t had sexual intercourse yet.”

Robin said a woman knows when a match isn’t right: “We know if it’s going somewhere.”

Benjy snapped, “It is going somewhere!” so Howard joked, “Yeah, it’s going to an embarrassing HowardTV special.”

Howard thought Elisa’s desire to change Benjy was emasculating: “It’s as close to having a vagina as you ever could have…the whole thing disgusts me.”

Benjy said Howard was wrong, but Howard pressed on: “Yeah, what I want to do is date a girl and put tanning spray on and wear a hat to bed.”

And the song illuminates just how deep he’s in over his head: “I would rather listen to Metallica and Lou Reed together than this song.”