Jason Booted from Subway

December 5, 2011
Photo: Howard Stern Productions

Late in the show, Jason came in to tell Howard about being kicked out of the local Subway sandwich shop–because he’d asked for too many extras: “He goes, ‘That’s enough mayonnaise for you.'”

Jason said they had apologized and even sent some free sandwich coupons but claimed he wouldn’t go back anyway: “I didn’t like the way my food was being manhandled…some people at Subway just throw the meat on. But the real good employees, they sit there and count out the individual slices.”

Presented with rumors that he also keeps a “tackle box” of condiments in his desk, Jason confirmed as much (“I’m a mayo lover.”), describing his typical Subway order in detail: mayo, mustard, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, double cheese (“Always double cheese.”), chipotle ranch sauce, etc.

Who Would Miss Howard Stern Bang?Howard asked if he ever looked in the mirror and wished he looked attractive. Jason just shrugged: “Sometimes. But looking good is a long-term goal and eating pizza dipped in blue cheese is a short-term goal.”