Did Benjy Bronk Send Out a Tweet During an Interview?

December 7, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jon Leiberman reported that Benjy had tweeted a link to his duet with Elisa Jordana during yesterday’s Chuck Zito interview, so Robin shook her head: “His money comes from this show and not his music career.”

Howard didn’t understand why Benjy even bothered trying: “No one’s going to buy that on iTunes.”

Benjy said he was furious with the story, as he didn’t send the tweet–Elisa did: “The issue is that people are basically accusing me of stealing from you. Stealing time.”

Howard still thought Benjy was foolish for allowing Elisa to promote the song at all: “That song is a goof. It’s a horrible song.”

Benjy ignored the criticism, repeating that his problem was with the Howard100 News’ rush to report: “I should be asked before they put out [the story].” Jon said he had followed up–and got shtick: “I did, Benjy. And you gave me the same old bullshit.”