Sal the Savings-less Stockbroker

December 13, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked Sal if he’d begun saving money after admitting–as he weeped about Howard’s retirement last year–that he’d saved almost nothing: “Sal, it’s a year later. You had a nervous breakdown on the air. Report to us how you’ve changed.”

Sal claimed he’d taken a few steps toward retirement: “I added an additional 10% to my 401K here at Sirius…and I opened up a Roth IRA as well. For a couple of us. But not much.”

The Red and Black

Howard was still surprised that Sal had taken so long to change: “That’s a guy who used to get on the phone with people and say, ‘You’ve got to plan for your future.'”

Sal’s response confused the phrases ‘in the black’ and ‘in the red’, so Gary underlined Howard’s point: “I understand that some people might not understand ‘in the black or ‘in the red’ but Sal was a stockbroker.”

Sal snapped: “It’s a personal situation. Red and black comes in, it’s hard to decipher.”