Telling Coco About the New Girlfriend

December 14, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Late in the show, David Arquette called in to ask for an invite to Howard’s holiday party, but Howard was more interested in discussing the meal they shared recently: “I enjoyed dinner with your beautiful new girlfriend…it’s weird. David’s so talkative when we’re on the show…I mean, I liked it. Because his girlfriend had plenty to say.”

David admitted he was more reserved off-air, hoping this new reserve extended through the holiday season: “Because last year was a disaster. It was my bottom. I went into rehab on the 30th.”

Asked if he’d yet introduced Coco to his girlfriend–and what word he’d used to do so–David laughed that he had: “I call her my girlfriend. I say girlfriend.”

He hoped Courteny would find someone similar: “If I don’t make her happy, I want her to meet somebody who does.”