Bill Murray is Lost in the Middle

Photo: Pixplanete / PR Photos

Bill Murray called in to promote the DVD release of his latest film, 'Get Low,' and didn't seem to be in the best mood: "I was just watching the news and, you know, it's goofy news."

Bill said he felt caught between the turmoil in both Wisconsin and the Middle East, as if the escalating conflicts--and the reports about them--were battling for his attention: "And you've got to pick one." Bill added that he picked Wisconsin.

Howard asked why Bill harbored such hate for the Hollywood machine, but Bill balked at the word, saying he simply chose to live outside it: "Hate is a strong word. It's just [about only taking] what you need."

Bill said he actually lived in Hollywood for a short time: "They have flowers that bloom at night. Night-blooming jasmine. That's really the high point."

Bill explained that his move back to New York was also a creative impulse: "I'm basically a lazy person. So I needed to bump into people to have thoughts in my brain--you know, creative ones."

Bill acknowledged that he wasn't easy to track down, but, "I'm on your show this morning. So it's not like I'm in deep hiding. It's not like I'm bin Laden or anything."