Jason Ellis Is Addicted to Pain

Howard welcomed fellow Sirius XM host Jason Ellis to the studio and said he was disturbed by Jason's frequently-dangerous on-air stunts.

Jason said it was an extension of his addictive personality: "I've got a problem. But, you know, I've switched it. Instead of doing drugs and being an f'ing asshole, every now and then I get punched in the face. You got to have a vice. I don't drink. I like pain...it's not about fame. I do it because I love it. I like testing myself. I like feeling nervous."

Jason said his stunts were never really that dangerous: "You go to the hospital and shit but you don't f'ing die." Asked if he'd ever consent to receiving oral from a transvestite on-air, Jason balked--but not because it was too gay: "I'm married."

Jason then described his favorite recent stunt, called Musical Chair Fight, which requires 8 men and 6 chairs: "The two dudes who don't find a chair fight for one minute...until there's two people left and they fight for the title of the Musical Chair Championship."