Jimmy Fallon: The Man of a Thousand Voices

Photo: NBC

At Howard's request, Jimmy ran through some of his best impressions, including Ozzy Osbourne, Jerry Seinfeld and Regis Philbin. He also showed everyone how to 'do' Charlie Sheen: "It's almost like Johnny Carson but a little bit gruffer..."

Jimmy said his biggest mistake was only ever doing each impression once on SNL: "I was an idiot. If I have any advice for any cast member? Do it a thousand times."

Howard asked what else Jimmy regretted about his time at SNL, so Jimmy cited his tendency to crack up during the sketches: "They do not like that." Jimmy said Will Ferrell was to blame at least once: "He would pinch my leg every time I'd open my mouth."

Jimmy said he hoped to bring that same freshness to his new show: "Trying to go viral. Whatever we can do to differentiate our show."