Mad Dog on Mike

Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo stopped by to catch up with Howard--just as Howard was getting angry at Robin for laughing about his personal weatherman--and told the pair about his most bitter feud with Mike Francesca, his old partner.

In May of '98 or '99, the pair were due at a Knicks-Pacers playoff game in Indiana, but Mike balked at the commuter plane they had to take when their flight was cancelled: "Mike refused to get on the plane: 'I'm not going. No first class'...I was upset by that."

They didn't talk (besides on the air for their show) until August: "I did not speak to Mike until he got married 4 or 5 month later."

Asked if he was jealous of Mike's continued (and Mad Dog-less) success, Chris confessed that he was: "They've got 22 minutes of commercials an hour. They're making a ton of money. And here it is, I'm trying to get a couple of calls on Sirius XM. Nobody calls!"

Chris said it was depressing: "He's flying! He's got Jets, he's got Knicks, he's got the Mets, he's got the Yankees all the time..."