Mad Dog on Mike

September 8, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo stopped by to catch up with Howard–just as Howard was getting angry at Robin for laughing about his personal weatherman–and told the pair about his most bitter feud with Mike Francesca, his old partner.

In May of ’98 or ’99, the pair were due at a Knicks-Pacers playoff game in Indiana, but Mike balked at the commuter plane they had to take when their flight was cancelled: “Mike refused to get on the plane: ‘I’m not going. No first class’…I was upset by that.”

They didn’t talk (besides on the air for their show) until August: “I did not speak to Mike until he got married 4 or 5 month later.”

Asked if he was jealous of Mike’s continued (and Mad Dog-less) success, Chris confessed that he was: “They’ve got 22 minutes of commercials an hour. They’re making a ton of money. And here it is, I’m trying to get a couple of calls on Sirius XM. Nobody calls!”

Chris said it was depressing: “He’s flying! He’s got Jets, he’s got Knicks, he’s got the Mets, he’s got the Yankees all the time…”