900 People Bought Benjy’s Song?!

January 4, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jon Lieberman reported that Benjy had been assaulted after bombing a remote news report by singing his iTunes single, “Online Sweetheart,” so Benjy explained: “I lucked out. They were doing the weather…[until] he pushed me and tackled me down to the sidewalk and was on top of me.” John said Benjy had little chance at legal recourse: “He didn’t have any serious injuries.” Or a Top 40 hit: the song has only sold 900 downloads. Benjy disputed the estimate, saying the number was more like “several thousand.” Jon also reported that Scott Depace had been mocking the staff’s “gay” recent commitment to Transcendental Meditation. Scott came in to argue that his comments had been taken out of context: “I’m allowed to have a conversation.” Scott said he simply didn’t believe in the practice, but Howard thought the position was weak: “It’s a dumb comment…it’s like saying, ‘I don’t believe in brushing my teeth.'”