Did Eric the Actor Blow His ‘In Plain Sight’ Gig?

Wack Packer reportedly still can't finalize everything before the shoot

January 10, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Late in the show, Gary Dell’Abate reported that Eric the Actor might have blown his “In Plain Sight” gig.

“We got an email this morning. The producer is pulling his hair out again,” he said.\

Gary explained that the Wack Packer had yet to book the oxygen tank he needs to travel: “He’s having trouble getting his oxygen. He only has two dates available, which happen to be the last two days they’re shooting.”

Eric called in to defend himself, half-confirming Gary’s account re: the oxygen tank: “There’s been a little hiccup.”

Gary thought the problem was Eric’s inability to communicate cordially (“Your handicap is that you’re a prick.”), citing a recent incident in which he’d forwarded a job offer–one that Eric angrily rebuffed because he was already booked.

Eric replied that Gary should go through his manager (“Email that shit to Johnny. Not to me.”), so Howard jumped in: “Gary doesn’t work for you, Eric.”

Eric insisted he wasn’t difficult to work with, but Howard disagreed, referencing Eric’s communication with “In Plain Sight’s” producers: “They got three calls from you yesterday!”