A Surprise Call From Mark Wahlberg

Actor reveals whether he was offered a part in "Brokeback Mountain"

January 18, 2012
Photo: Andrew Evans / PR Photos

Before Roger Waters stopped by Howard picked up a surprise call from Mark Wahlberg, who wanted to refute the allegations that the Howard Stern Show was no longer his cup of tea.

Howard recalled Mark had kind of ignored him at Brad Grey’s wedding: “I’m glad to hear we’re still talking.”

Mark said he didn’t see Howard–and had meant to stop by during his “Contraband” press tour: “I usually go in whatever direction they point me in. When you’re out promoting movies, it’s tough.”

Asked if he’d still do “Boogie Nights” now that he’s re-committed to Catholicism and become a father, Mark paused: “It would depend on how good it was going to be…once you have a girl, if you’re a real guy, things change.”

Mark also denied rumors he’d turned down “Brokeback Mountain.” “I met with Ang Lee, but I never actually read for it or was offered the part,” Mark said.
“It never came down to whether I could say yes or no.”