Preaching the Gospel of Love and Fitness

January 24, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Richard also recalled a childhood desire to be a priest, so Howard laughed: “Why didn’t you go into the priesthood?” Richard dodged: “It just wasn’t for me.” And despite Howard’s best efforts, Richard dodged most political or issue-based questions, repeating his desire to appeal to everyone: “I am for any people that fall in love with each other and be happy. We are not on this earth just to work and pay our bills.” Howard wondered if there was any love in Richard’s life, but Richard continued to evade the topic: “I’m in love with what I do.” The more Howard tried to investigate Richard’s personal life, the more Richard would cry–and through his tears, plug his website: “I don’t like reality. I live in my own little world of exercise, motivation, calling people… “