The Schneider Debt Crisis

January 25, 2012

After going over Rob’s resume, Howard said he’d obviously done well in Hollywood, but Rob played it down: “I’m like sneaky wealthy. I do ok…if I stop working for six months, you’ll see me in a fried chicken commercial.” As proof, Rob said his wife made him sign a pre-nup–to protect herself from his debt. He took a bath in the recent economic downturn: “We took a massive hit.” Howard also noted Rob’s surprisingly liberal political bent, so Rob joked that any more income could easily change him: “As my show becomes successful, you’ll see me being less and less political.” Before he hung up, Rob asked everyone to set aside a few minutes each week to sit down and watch “Rob!”: “It’s 20 minutes [and] 30 seconds so you can’t even go to the bathroom or you’ll miss half the show.”