Rob Schneider Talks His Hit Sitcom

January 25, 2012

Rob Schneider called in to promote his new series, “Rob!,” but bemoaned its status as a surprise hit.

“I just wish viewers were more honest, you know? Like, ‘Why him? Not us?'” Rob said.

Asked if it was co-produced with his frequent collaborator, Adam Sandler, Rob said it was his own thing, unlike his home. “I look at my old house and say, ‘This is the house that Sandler built,'” Rob said. “He’s like my little brother. My very rich little brother.”

Rob said the show was his wife’s idea and is based on their real lives. But it pales in comparison to reality. “You should go online and see my real wife. My TV wife is beautiful but my real wife is more beautiful,” Rob said.

His Hispanic in-laws were skeptical of their 28-year-old daughter dating an older man at first but, according to Rob, “they’re coming around to the idea.”

“You know, I’m older … when I jerk off, I get winded,” Rob joked.