Scott Salem is a Shrewd Negotiator

February 29, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

But Shuli had an even bigger problem: while Ronnie is the only staffer who draws enough to pull “diva shit” at this point, Scott Salem is still the most difficult to work with. Scott rushed in to clarify, admitting that he was “just trying to negotiate” with Shuli earlier but really does have family obligations keeping him from one weekend’s gigs: “I’m not bailing out. It’s one weekend.” Shuli laughed that Scott had been willing to forget that obligation, hinting to Shuli: “If it were just a little more money…” Shuli said he knew there was a number that would trump Scott’s obligations: “On the air, right now, you’d call up your family and tell them to go f themselves.” Scott shrugged: (“Everyone has their price.”) that Shuli could “try and do a Block Pary without me and Ronnie.”