Eric the Actor Swore He Recognized Tia Carrere

Wack Packer insists he knew the actress when he saw her

March 6, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Actor called in to deny reports that he hadn’t recognized Tia Carrere on the set of “In Plain Sight.”

“The only thing I didn’t know was that she’s part of the current season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ I knew who she was,” the Wack Packer insisted.

Howard said he’d seen the video–and the obvious look of disinterest on Eric’s mottled face: “But you act like you don’t. I mean, you just seem very distant.”

Undaunted, Eric then proposed that he conduct red carpet interviews at the upcoming “Mirror Mirror” premiere, but Howard refused: “The problem with sending [Eric] to a premiere is that Eric is very very adamant about not asking offensive questions … and part of the funny aspect of going to the red carpet is getting someone to answer outrageous questions.”