Baby Clothes in the Courtroom

March 14, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lisa G reported that Doug Goodstein had banned Shuli from discussing The Baby Clothes Incident, but Howard couldn’t believe it: “He wouldn’t stop someone from talking about that. I know that about Doug. Like, he gets it. He knows. He knows it’s funny on some level.” Gary knew better, asking Doug directly: “Did you ever go to Tim and ask him to squash any future stories about this subject?” Doug, via intercom, confirmed as much: “There might have been some [truth] attached to this, yes. There was something that got, a little bit–some legal issues associated with this.” Howard scoffed (“How could you have legal issues over baby clothes? I say he’s bullshitting.”), so Doug explained that the incident angered someone enough to send him a threatening package: “The postal police were involved.”