King of All Blacks Stirs the Pot

The Wack Packer calls in to inform Howard about an 'intimate' photo.

March 14, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

King of Blacks called in to point Howard to an “intimate” picture Beth had taken with Jared, her Mom Caves co-host. King explained his one-sided approach to relationships, it was ok for him to step out every once in a while, but he would never tolerate his wife taking photos with her arm around another guy. Gary got Beth on the line, and Howard repeated King’s complaint: “It’s kind of intimate.” Beth insisted it meant nothing, explaining that the guy in the picture, her “Mom Caves” co-host, was holding the camera in his outstretched hand, making it necessary for them to lean in to each other: “I have such a nice relationship with Jared and now you’re making it weird.” King told Howard to stand his ground: “Don’t let her do that! That’s that bullshit!” Gary on the other hand, thought King was being an idiot who was making a problem where one didn’t exist before.