Eric the Actor Calls In to Celebrate His ‘In Plain Sight’ Debut

Hollywood stars like David Spade are already taking notice

March 26, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

At the top of the show, Eric the Actor called in to celebrate his “In Plain Sight” debut.

Howard remarked that Hollywood had taken notice: “David Spade must have seen it. He sent me an email. All it said was, ‘Eric the Extra.’ I mean, it was a three-second part.” Eric hoped to parlay the attention into a role in the 21 Jump Street sequel: “To play into a joke, I wouldn’t mind being a math professor.”

A “Medically Proportionate Dwarf?”

Eric also claimed the role, his third, solidified him as Eric the Actor–and not, as he’s repeatedly asked, Eric the Midget: “Proportionately, my body–my arms, my hands, my feet and my legs–they do not fit what is a midget.” Howard deadpanned that Eric was being a braggart: “Eric the Medically Proportionate Dwarf! Anyone want to go with that one?”

Eric Shows His Range

Before hanging up, Eric referenced a line from “We Bought A Zoo,” saying he wanted to take a risk: “If you have 20 seconds of insane courage, good things will happen to you.” His big risk? An attempt at a child-like voice: “Hi, Mr. Stern, my brother listens to your show all the time.” Howard was unimpressed: “You think that sounds like a kid? That sounds like a pedophile talking to a kid.”