Eric the Midget’s Twitter Trouble

April 23, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the MIdget called in to say he was growing tired of Howard’s fans on Twitter: “I’ve had enough of your fans online.” As a result of Stern fan harassment, he’s been blocked by Diana DeGarmo (“And not from anything I’ve said to her.”) and at least one girl who actually matters: “This weekend I got blocked by the Penthouse Pet I met and made friends with at the Viper Room.” JD came in to speculate that Eric spoiled the online relationships on his own–with frequent direct messages: “I’m trying to like Eric, but he’s direct messaging me about getting verified, plugging his name…” Howard then went through Diana DeGarmo’s Twitter, searching for anything of import that Eric might’ve missed: “‘I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend.’ This was April 7th.”