The ‘Don’t-Piss-Off-Ralph’ Ship

Ralph runs his show with an iron fist.

April 24, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said he didn’t realize Ralph was running such a tight ship, to which Jason laughed: “It’s not a tight ship. It’s just a don’t-piss-off-Ralph ship.” Ralph later called in to defend himself: “I didn’t have a tantrum. I think some things were messed up there that morning.” Jason said Ralph’s Geek Time dictatorship stemed from its inception: “Ralph likes to call it his show. Ralph came in with a torn up Entertainment Weekly, threw it down on the chair, and said, ‘This is the show I want.’ And we helped create it with him.” Ralph insisted it was an original idea, but Jason just laughed: “You created talking about TV and movies?”

Jason said tension was also on the rise ever since Jon Hein co-opted the TV content he contributes as co-host of Geek Time into his own show, What’s Worth Watching: “It got to a point where I was fighting with the co-host of Geektime over guests for Geek Time.” JD, a contributor to both shows, said he fought for WWW’s side: “I got upset with Geek Time thinking they were king shit around here.”