Andy Cohen Describes to Howard What Being ‘Pureblood’ Means

May 8, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Late in the show, Bravo TV executive Andy Cohen, best known as host of the network’s “Watch What Happens: Live,” stopped by to promote his new book, “Most Talkative.” Howard demanded to know how Andy made the jump from exec to host. “What credentials did you have?” Howard asked. Andy laughed that every TV exec wanted to make the same move. “That’s why this is so crazy,” he explained. “This does not ever happen.” Asked about his childhood, Andy said he always knew he was gay. It was never horrible, until he did mushrooms at an Eddie Murphy concert. Eddie’s “faggot”-laced act was hard on the closeted (and hallucinating) teen “That was the worst trip,” Andy said. He was closeted until college, once even performing oral sex on a woman, though he didn’t let her return the favor. “I’m a pureblood,” Andy said.

How to Give Yourself a Show

Andy said “Watch What Happens: Live” grew organically as an online web-show and format for the network’s reality cast reunions (despite his “wandering eye”) until joining the network’s regular on-air schedule. He’s since left his programming position to focus on hosting his own show and producing a few others: “I’m [still] in charge of Development and Talent. … I’m still an EP on all the ‘Housewives.’ I’m still an EP on ‘Top Chef,'” Andy explained.

Andy Loves a Tipsy Swirl

Andy said the cocktails he serves on-air make for good ratings but horrible hangovers. “I have to drink a fake drink on my show every so often,” he told Howard. “I always drank a lot, to tell you the truth.” Andy, an avowed top, went on to say he was interested in all types of bottoms – from a “JewFK Jr.” to an Aryan. “Also I’m down with swirl. I love a black guy,” he said. But he said he’d pass over President Obama to bang Mitt Romney – hard.