The Village Idiot is Backstage

Ronnie shows up backstage at 'America's Got Talent'

May 8, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Shortly before the first break, Howard made good on a reference he’d made yesterday–an “AGT” backstage incident involving Ronnie and a fistfight. Howard said he, Beth and several others were hanging in his dressing room and heard banging (“I can’t even tell you how loud.”) on his door and security shouting “Down! Get down!” After a brief panic, it turned out to be another of Rickyman’s bits: “Ronnie decided to do this fake attack with this guy.” But the rest of “AGT’s” security team wasn’t in on the joke: “They don’t know what’s going down…[and] they spring into action and they pounce.” Ronnie came in to claim it wasn’t his idea–but admitted guilt: “We were joking around. I said yes.” Howard called Ronnie “the village idiot”, explaining: “Yes is the wrong answer. You say no. There is no nonsense at Howard’s door.”