Eric the Midget’s Wish List

May 14, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Before leaving to co-host “Live! with Kelly Ripa,” Jimmy said he’d recently bought Eric the Midget a bag of chips off his Amazon wish list.

“It cost three times as much to ship them,” Jimmy said with a laugh. He also sent the Wack Packer two different donut makers.

Eric’s wish list is about 100 pages long, according to Jimmy, and made up almost entirely of widely-available products, like “Walker, Texas Ranger”on DVD. Eric called in to defend his love for that series.

“That’s one of the many shows I enjoyed watching when it was on TV,” Eric said.

Jimmy went over some of the list’s other bizarre choices, like an Oakland A’s sippy cup and a train set. “Is it a hobby? Or is it for transportation?” Kimmel asked Eric, who didn’t have a clear answer.