Making Peace With Kathie Lee, Oprah

May 14, 2012

Howard said he’d run into an old adversary while promoting ‘AGT’ on ‘The Today Show’–and buried the hatchet: “I had a whole conversation with Kathie Lee.” Robin was shocked (“That’s like Israel and Palestine getting together!”), so Howard explained that she wasn’t a Leno or an Imus: “[They] did something to me. Kathie Lee never did anything to me. … The people who actually did something to me in my career, those are the ones I hate.” Jimmy said he’d also made up with Oprah, an adversary from his ‘Man Show’ days: “I think it was a contributing factor to [my] divorce. I would come home from work and she would start yelling at me based on something she saw on ‘Oprah.’ And I thought, ‘Who is this woman and why is she interfering in my life?'” Oprah’s recent visit to Jimmy’s show was actually a boon for his staff: “She gave a speech to our staff and was very inspiring.”