Howard Simulcasts with Bubba

Howard joins forces with Bubba the Love Sponge for the second hour

May 15, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

In the show’s second hour, Howard simulcast with Bubba the Love Sponge via ISDN–and denied that he’d celebrated the ‘AGT’ premiere by having sex: “I didn’t break off any booty. I was pretty tired.” Howard said last night’s show was just the first step, yet still a giant leap for shock jock-kind: “When Bubba gets on television, you’ll know all hell has broken loose. … Bubba’s up to such nonsense, he can’t even speak about it legally.” Bubba, fresh off a very messy divorce, saw where things were going (“Here comes the standard Howard reversal. It’s all going to be about me.”) and balked at any questions about his ex-wife’s (allegedly co-starring) role in the alleged Hulk Hogan sex tape: “I’m not forbidden from talking about it. I’m just not talking about it. … I’ll talk with you privately about it. It’s not what it seems.”

Pressed for more news from the land of Howard101’s former afternoon show, Bubba’s producer, Brent, said his own marriage was on the rocks: “It’s tough. [I’m] living at my friend’s house. Yeah. And I’m taking relationship advice from Bubba.” As Robin expressed surprise (“They were swingers, right? They partied!”), Brent just sighed: “That didn’t work out so well.” Howard laughed: “Brent, you ought to put out a cookbook: ‘How to Cook on a Hotplate in My Friend’s Basement for Under a Dollar a Day.'”