George Takei Confirms Husband Brad Took His Last Name

May 22, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Early in the show, Howard said his staff had noted a shift in their communication with Brad, George Takei’s husband/manager: he now signs his emails as “Brad Takei.” George said, “Altman was his maiden name. … It was his decision that I went with,” as he’d only wanted Brad to take a hyphenated surname. Howard thought the change made sense: “You’re more the man and Brad’s more the woman. … I’m not saying that gay people have to have traditional male-female roles, but he is more feminine. ” Howard went on, explaining: “He’s taking it in the ass and you won’t. He’s being entered and you’re doing the entering.” But George saw it differently: “If you want to define it that way, but that’s [just] the way we define pleasure.” Howard countered with an old piece of intelligence: Brad pees sitting down. George laughed that Howard had a point: “Yes he does. … I can’t do it that way. You can’t get the musculature going.”