David Hasselhoff Stops By to Promote His New Film

Actor visits ahead of "Piranha 3DD"

May 23, 2012
Photo: Mark Rupp / PR Photos

David Hasselhoff called in to promote his latest film, “Piranha 3DD,” and regretted he and Howard never got to share the “AGT” stage: “It would’ve been great fun sitting next to you, dude. We would’ve had a blast. But after butting heads with Piers and threatening to kill him on the air, I finally said, ‘I can’t take it any longer.'”

David also noted how closely Howard had followed in his footsteps: “First I do ‘Baywatch’ and then you do ‘Son of the Beach.’ Then I do ‘America’s Got Talent.’ And then you replace me on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Why do you keep taking my franchises?”

Howard countered that he’d actually replaced Piers: “Howie replaced you!”

David conceded the point, shooting back: “How do you replace Piers?”

Asked if he’d almost cast Leonardo DiCaprio as his son in “Baywatch,” David laughed that it was true. “He actually brought that up to me after he was … in ‘Titanic’ and I saw him at Universal Studios. I said, ‘The best thing that ever happened to you was we didn’t cast you,'” Hasselhoff recalled, adding, “I think everybody on ‘Baywatch’ ended up somewhere [ending] in the word rehab.”