Maria Menounos Has Doctor Issues

June 11, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Maria Menounos stopped by to talk about her recent stint on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ but Howard was more interested in her body issues. Maria said they stemmed from a handsy doctor she had in LA: “I’ve had some issues with doctors. I mean, they’ve been violating.” She apologized for giggling about such a serious issue, claiming it was a nervous response: “I was almost kidnapped once and I was literally laughing.”

One Little Malfunction and ‘It’s On’

Howard pressed for more, citing the bikini she “reluctantly” wore in Times Square after losing a Super Bowl bet: “You come off crazy! ‘I’m so embarrassed I’m in a bikini!’ You have a gorgeous body. Of course you want to show it off. … You always make sure there’s a photo opportunity when [you’re] in your bathing suit.” Maria denied tipping off the paparazzi–they just happened to catch a wardrobe malfunction once in Miami Beach: “So now, everytime I go to Miami, it’s on.” After being tipped off by airport employees, as many as 30-40 paparazzi head to the city’s beaches and wait, cameras ready: “So you walk out of the water and they’re like, ‘If you just pose we’ll leave you alone.’ And I’m like, what am I gonna do? So I literally–I’m just like, ‘Ok.’ I stand there for a minute and I’m like, ‘Ok? Goodbye,’ and I walk to my seat. It’s embarrassing.” And the picture always, it seems, sells to a tabloid.

Did Maria Bang Derek Hough

Howard asked why ‘Dancing with the Stars’ producers never showed Maria’s boyfriend, Kevin Undergaro, in the show’s pre-roll package, but Maria wasn’t sure: “I don’t know. It’s funny. In the beginning, they wouldn’t even show him on camera.” At Howard’s request, Kevin came in to comment on the on-camera kiss Maria infamously shared with her partner, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ pro Derek Hough: “I don’t feel a line was crossed, and if she did, I don’t want to know.” Kevin denied that there’d been any infidelity–or rather, he hoped: “This was the only time I wondered…but I don’t want to know. I just don’t want to know.” Kevin said Maria actually still hangs, talks and texts with Derek, joking: “When I was inside you last night, were you thinking about Derek?” To prove her innocence, Maria allowed Howard a peek at some of her text messages–but quickly pulled her phone away: “She won’t even let me see!”

Maria in the Bedroom

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Asked if Maria liked to be spanked in the bedroom, Kevin shook his head: “Choked. [But] not to the point where she’s passed out. … Just enough.” Maria was pissed: “Honey, I’m going to stab you.” Kevin later hinted that they’d even tried anal once (“I don’t remember any problems.”), causing Maria to threaten to leave the studio. Kevin winked that “we’ll save that” story for next time.