Wendy Wants a Bike

June 13, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Late in the show, Wendy the Retard called in ask for a $400 tricycle: “It’s a three-wheeler with a basket on the back.” Wendy hoped to use the bike for transportation and exercise–she’s ballooned to 254lbs: “Because I can’t go out and have any fun. … [I’m] going nuts in the house and going crazy and drinking soda.” All that soda’s also left her with (almost) no teeth: “I have one teeth.” Howard didn’t want to give in: “I’ve been told it’s actually bad for me to give you money. It’s like when you feed the pigeons in the park. … You’ve got to learn to spend your money wisely and stop eating fast food.” But Gary looked around and came up with $500 in prize money for Wendy–Howard begrudgingly passed it on: “Leave me alone for a while, will you?”