The ‘Major League’ Stern Trivia Test

June 20, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

While Speech Impediment Man was on the line, Melrose Larry Green called in to call him “the biggest turd on the face of the earth.” Further, Melrose claimed that “turdboy” wasn’t a “major league” Stern fan: “I am major league. I’ve been on the show for 22 years.” Howard proposed a “Major League” Stern trivia test: “No matter who wins, you’re both losers, but this is to see who’s less of a loser.” 1. What is Howard Stern’s middle name? Speech Impediment Man knew it was Alan. 2. What were the call letters of the radio station Howard worked at in DC? Melrose got on the board with a (technically) correct answer: WJFK. 3. Robin served in what branch of the military? Speech Impediment man knew it was the Air Force. 4. What does the K in K.C. Armstrong stand for? Melrose incorrectly guessed “Kalvin.” Speech Impediment Man guessed “Kevin”–also incorrect. (The correct answer: Kyle.) 5. What was the name of Howard’s summer camp? Speech Impediment Man ran out of time, so Melrose stole the point: Wel-Met. 6. Who was Howard’s gubernatorial running mate? Speech Impediment ran out of time again, and Melrose stole the point again, confirming (with the correct answer: Sam Dworkin) his status as a “Major League” Stern fan.