Eli Braden & Little Mikey: Grotesque

June 27, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

To celebrate Robin’s return to Studio 69, Howard welcomed two of the show’s most prolific Robin parody songwriters, Eli Braden and Little Mikey–and wished they weren’t so hideous: “Wouldn’t it be great if you guys were really hot studs? Robin would be like, ‘Holy shit!’ She’d have a whole different feeling about your songs.” It was obvious which was Little Mikey, as Eli’s “grotesque” size was almost immeasurable: “When you’re this heavy, would you get on a scale?” Eli said he’d actually had previous success in the music industry–he used to sing for a band called The Beggars that signed with Island Records: “I made more money when I was 20 years old than I have any year since.” Little Mikey, in turn, said he had a (distantly) related gig: “I just got a job at a Christian radio station.” The pair then sang a new duet, “Yankin’ On Our Meats” to the tune of “Taking It to the Streets.” Howard wished them both well–and out of his sight: “They’re exactly what you’d picture.”