The Poopgate Timeline: Who Accessed the Bathroom and When?

Gary Dell'Abate examines the staff bathroom's electronic keycard log

July 24, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary went over the staff bathroom’s electronic keycard logs, noting who entered and when:

4:36 JD Harmeyer

6:10 Ronnie Mund

6:45 Gregg Karmel

7:03 Benjy Bronk

7:10 Richie Wilson

7:18 Sal Governale

7:48 Gregg Karmel (again)

7:54 Richard Christy

8:02 Benjy Bronk (again)

8:17 Tim Sabean

8:23 Gregg Karmel (for the third time–an aborted entry according to Gregg)

8:40 Doug Goodstein

Gregg Karmel claimed his repeated visits meant nothing, giving himself over to any DNA testing: “Science will set me free. Howard, I promise you.”

Sal said the same: “I swear on my children. I’m afraid to even pee in there.”

Jon Leiberman then planned to compare the keycard entry times with security camera footage to see how long people had been in the bathroom: “We can build a chronology.”