A Dinner Date for Lisa G. and Ronnie Mund

The Howard News reporter and head of security make plans to have dinner together

August 1, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard then asked why Lisa wouldn’t bang Ronnie (“He’s not the most couth guy but he bangs like a caveman.”), so Lisa turned to Ronnie, saying that was just the problem: “Guys who brag about that aren’t good in bed. Trust me. You always brag that you’ll show me the stars and the moon and the sun.”

Ronnie’s denial wasn’t much of a denial: “I don’t do that! But come to Trump International, we’ll see what happens.”

Instead of a room at the Trump International, Lisa suggested dinner at Jean Georges, a 3-star Michelin restaurant in the hotel’s lobby. (The most basic meal option at Jean Georges starts at $108/plate.) Ronnie readily agreed, even promising to wear a suit–and reserve, just in case, a suite upstairs: “It’ll be a night to remember. Just like the Titanic.”

Lisa even announced that, should a night of caveman sex with Ronnie result in pregnancy, she would keep the child and would absolve Ronnie of any parental responsibility as well.

Ralph called in to see if he could get in on the action, but Lisa turned him down right away, which infuriated Ralph: “I didn’t even want to bang her, but now I do!”

Howard wondered how she felt about sleeping with Sal, and was surprised when she readily agreed: “Sure, he’s fun.”