Ronnie Mund Vs. Jon Leiberman: Round 2

August 8, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked why Ronnie the Limo Driver bought a garishly decaled Corvette “pace car” if he, as he’s claimed, doesn’t want to be noticed. Ronnie insisted it was an investment: “It’s a collector’s car.”

Ronnie went on to attack the methods by which Howard100 News anchor Jon Leiberman had researched the story–leading Jon to rush in: “I do not like when my professionalism or my profession is questioned.” As Jon tried to contain himself (“I am not upset at all.”), Ronnie laughed: “Your blood pressure’s going up, man! You’re going to blow an eye vessel like me!” Then, after a protracted confrontation regarding his source (or, as Ronnie pronounces it, “sauce”), Jon threw down his headphones and stormed out. As the studio door swung open, Howard heard a fire alarm in the hall outside: “I think the smoke from Leiberman’s head set it off.”