Amy Schumer Tells Untold Roast Jokes and Reveals the Pro Wrestler She Was Dating

August 22, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Comedian Amy Schumer stopped by to promote her upcoming Comedy Central special “Mostly Sex Stuff. Amy told Howard her appeal is wider than most people thought. “It’s like every guy thinks he’s the only guy who wants to F me.”

After explaining her brief split with boyfriend and fellow roaster Anthony Jeselnik, Amy said he had to win her back. “I was [already] dating somebody else. I had a boyfriend. A wrestler,” Amy said. Howard demanded to know who, so Amy revealed it was WWE star Dolph Ziggler. “The sex was too athletic. Always,” Amy told Howard. “The first time, I was like, ‘Oh, this is cool. Nobody’s ever rag-dolled me.’ He was spinning me like a Globetrotter.”

Amy said a few jokes she’d told at the Roseanne Roast, her favorites, didn’t make the Comedy Central broadcast. She told them on the Stern Show instead:

“Jane Lynch is a recovering alcoholic, which is the case for most women who look like Larry Bird,” Amy joked about the emcee of the evening. She also had one for Sharon Stone, who cancelled her roast appearance at the last minute. “Sharon Stone adopted three children. That is so cool … that you said yes when God, so clearly, said no,” Amy said.