Chuck Zito Visits to Talk ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Actor and former Hells Angel president opens up about a variety of subjects

September 10, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Chuck Zito stopped by to promote his role on the new season of “Sons of Anarchy,” which surprised Howard: “You were suing them!”

Chuck said he’d dropped the case, but he repeated his original claim. “In 2004, I gave them my idea, my story,” he said, explaining a year later the show’s producers wouldn’t even take a meeting with him because they were now developing a motorcycle series.

After a judge threw out Chuck’s case, “Sons of Anarchy” creator-showrunner Kurt Sutter asked to meet him without lawyers present. “My reaction was, ‘Great. What alley does he want to meet me in?'” Chuck laughed.

But cooler heads prevailed and Kurt offered Chuck a huge role in the show’s new season. He now co-stars as Frankie Diamonds, a flashy New York nomad joining the SAMCRO chapter.

Later, Zito talked about rumors of his net worth. “I [recently] came home to no electricity and no gas in my house. So, am I making $2 million? Get the f’ out of here,” he said.

On his regrettably fractured family: “I’ve got two grandsons and they don’t even know who I am.”

On joining social networks: “My finger hits three keys at one time.”

On his very-active sex life: “I was banging this girl like all night …We leave the room and the next thing I hear, [from] the room next to me, like four people came out–two guys and two girls–and start clapping.”