Depace Vs the Rest of the World

September 19, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said he was insulted by Scott DePace’s comments on yesterday’s Wrap Up Show about how he didn’t think Howard really understood Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone article about Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. Scott immediately piped in about how complex the article was, proving that Scott didn’t think Howard understood the issues.

Scott argued that there were gaping holes in the article, and continued to argue with him, even after Howard broke down the basics of the issues he had with the way Bain worked. Howard told Scott to open his mind and stop defending the party line. Half an hour later, after covering everything from abortion to George Bush to affirmative action to corporate tax breaks Howard ended the conversation after Scott told Jason, who had come in to join the conversation, that he hated him. As Howard pointed out: “We’re supposed to be doing dick jokes here.”