Ronnie Mund on Anal ‘Whatchamacallits’

The expert sex tipper informed Howard that women feel great pleasure 'back there'

September 26, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Early in the show, Ronnie recalled yesterday’s discussion of his asshole-centric sex life: “Did you know girls get anal whatchamacallits?”

After Ronnie eventually found the word he was looking for–orgasm–Robin confirmed as much: “You can feel pretty good, yeah.”

Listening a porn clip of an “assgasm”, Howard shrugged: “For me, it’s hard enough making a vaginal orgasm.”

Howard pointed to his shrinking waistline: “I want to thank Ronnie for my recent weight loss. Because every time he talks about eating a girl’s asshole out or getting his asshole eaten out, I lose weight.”

Howard then played a clip from Rob Corddry’s brilliant Ronnie intro at last weekend’s Block Party in LA, which ended: “He has everything but a sense of humor about himself…and Howard’s respect.”