The Stern Staff: Uninsurable?

Prompted by Howard, Will came in to explain why he can't get life insurance. After beating cancer as a kid, Will can only get approval for minimal life insurance: "I've been clean for fifteen years. And I've got a mortgage and a kid and the whole thing. [but] I somehow qualify for a smaller policy--I guess they didn't do their homework a few years ago--so I have that. And then I get a small policy through work here." Gary said Jon Hein had it even worse: after the birth of his first daughter, Jon went to get life insurance, and was rejected. The insurance company was actually the first to inform him that he was diabetic--rating him "worse than a dead smoker." Jon came in to explain that, like Will, he had to get a premium policy ("I have to pay a substantial amount.") after the insurance company went down a sobering list people more insurable than him: "This is someone who smokes all the time, this is someone who *did* smoke all the time, and this is you."