Emasculating Gary

Howard asked Robin for an update on her recent promise to stop emasculating men. Robin confessed that she hadn't been able to keep it: "If you say something about Gary, and I laugh, I think that's emasculating. I just have to stop laughing." Gary came in to agree: "It's f***ing emasculating to the hundredth degree. ... It's hard for Robin to laugh at me, but it's harder for you to make fun of me in front of Robin." Gary later went even further: "Sometimes Robin's laugh is worse than anything anybody says." Robin promised to try harder, so Howard immediately tested her, ruthlessly mocking Gary's nervous throat-clearing tic--and Robin broke: "She's not going to be able to do it." Gary pointed at the tears streaming down her face: "When Robin laughs so hard that she has to get up to get a tissue, like she just did, that's the worst."