Seth Rogen on Married Life, James Franco, and more

Funnyman Seth Rogen sat down with Howard.

Right off the bat, Howard jumped at the chance to discuss James Franco, so Seth reported that they were making another movie together (but not a "Pineapple Express" sequel) and talked often--even during last year's Academy Awards prep: "I was in communication throughout the whole thing with him. And he saw a bad thing coming before it happened." Seth laughed that James' spirits underwent a definite shift: "It was a lot of, like, 'I hope it comes together'...and then it was like, 'It's not coming together.'

Seth on Married Life

Howard wondered if marriage had changed Seth's relationship, but Seth denied it: "Not really. I feel like it's better in a way because she's happy that we're married instead of constantly pissed off that we're not married. [laughs] Yeah. I mean, There was a sense that I was constantly disappointing her. Like every second I wasn't proposing, I was disappointing her." Asked if there was pressure to take the next step and start a family, Seth laughed: "There isn't, actually. No. It is nice. [But] I'm wondering how long it can last. I'm riding it out while I can." Since his wife also writes, the two often battle for material: "There has been, actually, some proprietary arguments over moments in our relationship, I would say, who gets them for their movies." Like their wedding night sex: "We tried, I think, to knock one out. Just to say we did. But I don't think it was the best we've ever done." Or walking down the aisle stoned: "I started to get anxiety. Like, it was one of, actually, the only times that weed has really f'ed with me."

Message in a Bottle

One incident, however, is Seth's and Seth's alone--the time he pissed in a bottle in Tom Cruise's driveway: "I showed up early [for a meeting] and he had a very long driveway and I didn't want to go in." Seth laughed that it was an especially contentious time for Tom: Suri had just been born, but the public had yet to see photographs: "That was the peak of, like, 'Is there a f'ing baby? What's the deal with it?'" The anxiety had spread to Seth's bladder. Seth said Judd Apatow was also at the meetings and "might've" used the meetings as the inspiration for the bizarre premise of "Funny People": "We would go from the set of "Knocked Up" to Tom Cruise's house." Howard asked if Tom behaved strangely, but Seth shook his head, saying Tom was actually quite normal: "He wasn't weird! He was hospitable."