Dr. Ruth Stops By to Talk Wine, Romance, and Origin Stories

October 2, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Dr. Ruth stopped by to promote her new line of wine, Vin D’Amour, propping her 4’7″ frame up on a few extra pillows as Howard marveled at how well she’d aged: “You’re 84 years old and look terrific.” Ruth quickly returned the compliment and began to list the sexual benefits of Vin D’Amour’s low (6%) ABV: “If I go out with you, with the permission of your wife, maybe I would have a glass of my wine. … [Because] if you drink too much, you can’t perform. And you, Robin–if a woman drinks too much, she falls asleep.

A Sex-Pert’s Origin Story

Howard pressured Ruth to go beyond plugs, so she briefly ran through her life story, saying she was born in Frankfurt and was sent, as a young girl, to Switzerland by her father to escape the Nazis. While she was away, her parents and grandmother disappeared in Nazi concentration camps: “That’s all I know about it and all I want to talk about it.” She only learned of their deaths “because lists came out of people who survived and lists came out of people that did not survive.”

After the war, Ruth moved to Tel Aviv, devoting her efforts to the new Jewish state: “My motivation was, ‘This was something terrible…I have to do something to make the world a better world. Jews need a country of their own. So I went to Palestine–now I tell you about the Haganah–and I was a sniper.” She served until a cannon round struck her foot: “I was badly wounded. … I just saw blood.”

Lips Loose and Secrets Tight

Howard asked about Ruth’s present life, so she described her cluttered apartment (“I collect turtles.”) and admitted to limited exercising every day: “My mouth.” But she rebuffed any questions about her three marriages, saying only that one of her husband loved Howard: “I like to talk about sex, but I will never answer you about my sex life!”