Hulk’s Story Unravels

October 10, 2012

After changing out of his “mom jeans,” Howard100 News anchor Jon Leiberman returned with an exclusive: “There will be no charges in Florida regarding the Hulk Hogan sex tape.” Turns out that Hulk’s attorney has not, as he claimed, filed a report with the Clearwater Police Department–or the St. Petersburg Police Department, which actually has jurisdiction over Bubba the Love Sponge’s home, where the footage was (allegedly) taken.

Jon said he’d spoken with the St. Petersburg police at length–they admitted to speaking with Hulk’s attorney but had determined that “a crime did not take place. Meaning: there was no invasion of privacy.” Jon interpreted further, ruling out all the possibilities: if the footage was filmed without Hulk’s knowledge, but also somehow not an invasion of privacy, then Hulk must have been–at some point–complicit in its release.