‘Governor Romney’ On the Line

October 17, 2012

Howard announced that he had “Governor Romney” on the line. “The Governor” explained he was calling in to let everyone know he liked to have fun too. Robin wondered if this desire to have fun extended to cursing. To which “The Governor” answered: “F’ yeah!”

On last night’s debate: “Obviously I won the debate last night, that’s why I was up all night partying. We broke into a temple and posthumously baptized a couple of holocaust victims.”

On Candy Crowley’s use of facts: “She called me out on my bullshit – I don’t feel that is something a journalist should be doing.”

On Obama’s performance during the first debate” “Obama was muttering more than JD.”

Howard asked if it was true that he celebrated his win last night by letting his dog ride inside the car and tied his wife to the roof instead: “Yes!”

Before saying goodbye, Howard urged “The Governor” to be sure to say hello to Mike MacRea for him.