Brian Phelan, Doomsday Prepper

November 28, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Early in the show, HowardTV robotic cameraman Brian Phelan told Howard about his ‘Doomsday Prepper’ inclinations, saying he expected the world to end–as the Mayan calendar predicts–on December 21, 2012: “Solar flares could erupt [sic] electricity and whatever else is happening in this world.” Brian admitted to preparing, but refused to publicly admit he was stockpiling (“I’m not piling anything.”) or digging a bunker: “I live on an island. … If we build a fortress underground, it’ll get flooded.” Brian also expressed disbelief in the fact that Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon on September 11th: “I think somebody shot a rocket into that and they’re just saying it was a plane. … The stuff I saw, I didn’t believe it.” Howard asked Brian to explain why the government would lie, but Brian begged off: “I don’t think that through. I don’t give a shit.”